A thorough understanding of the structure and value of the tree resource is critical to its effective management. Tree inventories can range from the measurement and basic visual assessment of one tree on a single-family lot, to a computerized, GIS-based and highly-detailed assessment of thousands of municipal street and park trees, to a sample plot-based account of a city’s entire urban forest. UFI’s arborists have experience in collecting tree inventory data at any scale, and any level of detailed required. Combined with our extensive knowledge of tree biology, site interactions, risk management and inventory protocols, a tree inventory collected by UFI represents the best in data collection. UFI utilizes leading-edge tree inventory analysis software, including the revolutionary i-Tree suite, to analyse attribute and spatial data, enabling effective and efficient management and planning. We are also skilled in the application of a variety of tree appraisal methodologies, including the widely-applied Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) series of methods, enabling true-cost accounting of the value of the urban forest resource and its management.