Urban Forest Innovations Inc. (UFI) excels in providing customized and effective urban forest management and planning strategies for municipalities and institutions of all types. UFI’s planning team works closely with leaders in the fields of urban forestry, ecology and other disciplines to move municipalities and institutional clients from reactive and costly ‘tree care’ to proactive, efficient and sustainable urban forest management. UFI has extensive experience in all aspects of urban forestry, including urban forest assessments and frameworks, by-law and regulation development, heritage tree conservation, tree risk assessment and mitigation, peer review of development applications, training and education, stakeholder consultation and visioning, and strategic urban forest management planning. We are also uniquely qualified to combine our arboricultural experience with our urban forestry expertise to undertake high-quality street, park and natural area tree inventories. These inventories can be tailored to suit a number of purposes, including integration with existing enterprise management systems, detailed GIS-based mapping, and compatibility with the i-Tree Streets and Eco inventory analysis models. Using this groundbreaking software, UFI can also undertake detailed structural analysis of the urban forest resource, as well as in-depth management cost/benefit analysis to support improved decision-making and sustainable management.