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van Wassenaer, P.J. and Richardson, M, 2009. A Review of Tree Risk Assessment Using Minimally Invasive Technologies and Two Case Studies. Arboriculture Journal 2009, Vol. 32, pp 275-292.

Download the complete article here.

Brudi, E. and P.J. van Wassenaer, 2002.Trees and Statics: Nondestructive Failure Analysis. In: Tree Structure and Mechanics Conference Proceedings: How Trees Stand Up and Fall Down. International Society of Arboriculture, Champaigne, Illinois. Pp 53- 70.

Download the complete article here.

van Wassenaer, P.J., L. Schaeffer, and W.A. Kenney (2000). Strategic planning in urban forestry: A 21st century paradigm shift for small town Canada. The Forestry Chronicle, 76(2).

Download the complete article here.

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