Urban Forest Innovations Inc. (UFI) understands the management requirements of trees on golf course grounds, which often need intensive and expert maintenance and care. The experienced arborists and urban foresters at UFI provide a variety of arboricultural and urban forestry services for golf and country clubs, to help maximize the value of trees on the property while enhancing the quality of the gaming experience for members.

Tree Inventories: Due to the nature of course design, golf and country clubs often have a diverse range of tree species across the landscape, in varying levels of health and condition. An inventory conducted by UFI’s arborists gives staff an understanding of the management requirements of each and every tree on the course, enabling effective and efficient allocation of limited maintenance budgets and staff resources.

Risk Assessment and Hazard Abatement: Trees can pose potential risks to people, property and infrastructure. UFI’s experienced arborists can use advanced tree risk assessment techniques to develop and carry out hazard abatement strategies, making trees safer for players, staff and visitors.

Integrated Pest Management:Tree pests pose significant challenges to the health and aesthetics of any golf course. UFI’s experience in applying innovative, environmentally-friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods can be an asset for any club interested in maintaining a healthy tree canopy for the long term.

Lightning Protection: Lightning can be extremely damaging to signature golf course trees, which often stand in the open and are frequent targets. UFI can install proven, minimally-visible lightning protection for such trees and help maintain signature trees on the landscape.

Tree Management Planning: Incorporating principles from our successful municipal urban forest management planning program, UFI can assist golf course managers and staff with medium-to-long term tree management planning and urban forest stewardship.

Consulting Arboriculture: UFI serves as the lead arboricultural consultant for several prestigious golf and country clubs. We assist with all aspects of arboriculture, from on-the-ground tree maintenance to high-level planning and permitting processes. Clients for UFI’s arboricultural consulting enjoy the benefits provided by a well-managed, healthy and diverse tree canopy, leading to increased member satisfaction and greater enjoyment of the golfing experience.