Tree Risk Assessment

The close interaction between people and trees in urban areas and the urban/rural interface poses specific challenges to the balance between managing risk and preserving the urban forest. UFI’s arborists are globally-recognized as leading experts in tree risk assessment and mitigation, and focus on maintaining trees on the landscape with minimal risk to the public, property and infrastructure. We are the only firm in North America trained and equipped to apply advanced Statics Integrated Method (SIM) wind load analysis techniques, and are one of the few who implement PiCUS sonic tomography to non-invasively determine the internal structure and integrity of potential risk trees. Our arborists are trained in the art and science of risk assessment; our advanced methodologies have been presented in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are at the forefront of the growing movement towards the scientific quantification of tree risk. This enables us to consistently present clear, defensible and accurate recommendations for risk mitigation, and empowers our clients with the knowledge to make truly informed decisions about their trees.

Download our:
Tree Risk Assessment Brochure .

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