Trees define landscapes, and often predate the buildings and services they surround. Property owners are often unaware that their beloved trees may be affected when development takes place, and landscape and building architects may not be familiar with the wide range of options available that enable trees, building and people to share the same spaces. UFI’s arborists and urban foresters are highly knowledgeable about a variety of innovative techniques and technologies which enable trees to be kept in close proximity to the desirable or required design features which complement modern homes, buildings, institutions and infrastructure. UFI has advised the installation or implementation of approaches such as such as directional boring, permeable paving, enhanced rooting environments, sensitive excavation, and tree-friendly foundation design. Working in close association with property owners, landscape and building architects, engineers, and contractors, we can ensure that existing trees are protected, high-quality trees are selected for planting, and adequate growing environments are provided to enable all trees to reach their full potential.